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drafting for value 가상축구하는법 in virtual soccer

To a greater extent 안전한 가상축구하는법 than points scored, a player’s value in virtual soccer is determined by how much he outscores others at his position. VBD, or value-based draft, is a method of comparing two players at different positions. Although quarterbacks tend to score more points, running backs are more highly regarded due to the steeper drop in talent at the position.

To what point does it make more sense to invest in a great quarterback rather than a good running back? VBD can help you find out which players are 메이저놀이터 the best available for your draft, allowing you to pick the best possible team. This list, sometimes known as a “cheat sheet,” is compiled by the virtual scout to provide newer players an advantage in virtual soccer.

Theory 토토 가상축구하는법

If you want to know a player’s VBD number, you should get a set of projections from your favorite virtual soccer website. Find out who will go last and how many points they will receive to get started. You can find out how many points the quarterback ranked 12th in a league with 12 teams and one starting quarterback is projected to score by looking at the standings for that league.

Then, you’d take each player’s estimated scoring total and deduct the number of points their final starting position is projected to score. For example, if the highest-ranked quarterback is expected to score 450 points this season and the quarterback who finished in last place gets 250, you would subtract 250 from 450 to get 200.

The quarterback in question has a VBD of +200. Then, to get the VBD for each quarterback, simply repeat the preceding procedures. Using a digital spreadsheet application, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Excel, can help you save significant amounts of time.

Then, you find the most recent starting player at each position (running back, wide receiver, tight end, defense, and kicker) and repeat this process for each position to get the VBD number. Then, rank each player from best to worst according to their VBD. While naming every player by their VBD number, six to nine running backs will likely be at the top of the list, followed by a quarterback or wide receiver.

You have compiled a list of the players you think are most valuable based on your chosen projections. Using alternative forecasts may result in a somewhat different set of players than what is shown by the VBD data, although this is unlikely to be very different.

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Positives 실시간 가상축구하는법

VBD’s ability to rank or draft players based on how they compare to others in their position is an advantage. VBD can provide insight into a player’s potential increase or decrease in value. There is no guarantee that a quarterback is more useful than a running back or wide receiver, even though he may score more points. Consider using this strategy if you want to make your draft list.


The main flaw of the value-based draft system is that it gives too much weight to projected statistics. Most prognosticators don’t factor in players’ potential for injury, or even consider it at all when making their forecasts. As a projections-only system, VBD doesn’t take into account a player’s skill, reliability, or risk profile.

For the typical virtual soccer player, it is the role of the virtual scout to make sense of all these seemingly inconsequential details. The virtual scout can help casual gamers by making predictions on their behalf without the latter having to spend time poring over statistics and rankings.

Value-based drafting is an excellent method for the fantasy scout or the person who wishes to make their draft list. Positions may be over- or undervalued, and this tool 온라인 가상축구하는법 can show why. It can also help you determine which mediocre players are the best investments.

A value-based draft can provide you an edge over your competition in a virtual soccer draft if you put in the time and effort to learn and implement the strategy. After all, victory is the ultimate objective in virtual soccer.