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In My Mailbox Monday


In December, Mailbox Monday is sponsored by Lady Q at Let them Read Books. In My Mailbox is sponsored by The Story Siren.  These are the places where we brag about share the books that arrived in our mailboxes each week.  As always, I also try to find a mailbox that is somehow associated with what I’m reading right now.  I’m currently reading Murder City:  The Bloody History of Chicago in the Twenties by Michael Lesy so I found a vintage mailbox from the 1920’s.

Quiet mailbox this week, although I did get two books.  One of them is a Christmas present from my son so I haven’t opened it yet and can’t show it to you.  I also got something from a publisher:

The Greyfriar (Vampire Empire #1) by Clay Griffith and Susan GriffithVampire predators run wild in this exciting steampunk adventure, the first in an alternate history trilogy that is already attracting attention. In 1870, monsters rise up and conquer the northern lands, As great cities are swallowed up by carnage and disease, landowners and other elite flee south to escape their blood-thirsty wrath. One hundred fifty years later, the great divide still exists; fangs on one side of the border, worried defenders on the other. This fragile equilibrium is threatened, then crumbles after a single young princess becomes almost hopelessly lost in the hostile territory. At first, she has only one defender: a mysterious Greyfriar who roams freely in dangerous vampire regions.

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