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The Realm of Contemporary Art: Five Celebrated Artists

Just like human civilization evolve together with the brain, art’s evolution was also accompanied by the evolution of its inspiration. As you guys probably would have known, the earliest human art that was discovered on the walls of a cave depicted their earliest people’s daily life story, meaning that the art inspiration that time is daily raw experience. Then came the classical age where forms of art must be perfect in measurements, and as you would have guessed, their inspiration is math.

Art continued to proliferate from the classical era up to the recent times conforming to set standards and guidelines. These guidelines paved way to the creation of the most beautiful and most astonishing works of art that the world had ever seen. However, it is also the world that felt that art must evolve further in order to cater the expectations of the future generations and this was a challenge indeed. Shifting and leaving from the perfect norms of art and evolving into something much better needs powerful movers.

The change did happen and it resulted to a whole new world of modern and free art which the world now embrace. This dramatic change is all thanks to a few notable artists that contributed so much to the contemporary arts that led movements to adapt new schools.

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei is a celebrated Chinese artist and an activist recognized for his passion on contemporary arts and imaginative architecture. He is a skillful sculptor and wood worker; likewise, he is also zealous in photography and music.

Ai was the chief creative consultant behind the 2008 Summer Olympics’ gigantic national stadium in Beijing, the “Bird’s Nest”.

Another famous work of Ai Weiwei is the Ton of Tea which he created in the year 2008. The masterpiece is a compacted ton of traditional pu’er tea leaves filling just one cubic meter space. The artwork’s façade resembles Minimalism with steel cubes and glass. The tea material is what sets the masterpiece apart from any other minimalist cubes. Ai’s work of assembling tea into Minimalist figure calls awareness to separations between precedent and current.

One intriguing project of Ai is the Sunflower Seeds which he created in the year 2010. The artist loaded the vast London’s Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall with 100,000,000 porcelain sunflower seeds. It is acknowledged that the sunflower is a significant communist symbol of Chinese, yet the meaning of the Sunflower Seeds project is still unknown.

On the other hand, the renowned artist is also the Artistic Director of China Art Archives & Warehouse (CAAW). In spite of his achievements as an artist, Ai’s outspoken views on state oppression in China made him imprisoned more than once. In his country, he is regarded as a menace to harmonious society.

Zao Wou-Ki

Zao Wou-Ki was a famous Chinese-French painter with works orientated to abstraction. He was fascinated by triptychs and diptychs format and his works were comprised of heaps of bursting colors creating very deep appearances.

The artist’s breakthrough came with his 1954 artwork titled “Wind’, a painting that perfectly depicts the blend of pure abstract technique and representation of the very ancient Chinese scripts.

Furthermore, Zao’s 10.03.83 masterpiece in 1983, a diptych portraying a sublime blue nonrepresentational landscape oil painting was the highest price paid work during the international auction that took place in year 2013.

Zao’s approach towards contemporary art made him acknowledged by the New York Times as “China’s most important living artist”. Moreover, he was reckoned as one of the few Chinese artists who were able to acquire fame and success in the market for contemporary art.


One of the most interesting contemporary artists of the modern day is Banksy. What sets Banksy apart from the other celebrated artists is his anonymity.

Banksy’s graffiti works and street installations have gone global. His works are representations of his incisive and mind-blowing ideas. He loves to incite and he uses his art as a medium for conveying his thoughts about his disappointment and criticism towards social phenomena and political issues.

Regardless of his mystique identity, his contemporary work of art speaks for itself.

Jackson Pollock

An influential contemporary American painter, Jackson Pollock, is regarded as the leading force behind the abstract expressionist movement in the world of art and a legend in his own lifetime. Pollock’s prominence lies in his skill of creating radical non-figurative style.

One of the most discussed works of Pollock is the Blue Poles in year 1952, an unconventional easel painting showing an immense canvas splashed with bursting dripped paint colors. A lot of viewers failed to see the meaning behind the Blue Poles; however, its historical connotation is still indubitable.

Without the strong contribution and presence of Jackson Pollock, modern artists that came after him would not have the nurturing environment of which they are enjoying right now. The 20th century movement that Pollock led allowed artists to create masterpieces out from passion and not from conforming with every stiff standards and guidelines.

Tauba Auerbach

An American contemporary and multi-disciplinary visual artist Tauba Auerbach made known for her works expressing the gap amongst abstraction, conceptual art and graphic art. Her masterpieces play with observations of space. Auerbach often attains her insights from math and physics.

In her foremost solo exhibition, the artist showcased a series of text-based artworks. These artworks exploited diverse linguistic schemes such as Morse code, Alexander Melville Bell’s perceptible speech, Ugaritic alphabet, calligraphy, and semaphore signals.

In addition, another sensational and talk of the town work of Auerbach is the Fold paintings. The masterpieces have gained prevalent critical approbation since their unveiling. Fold paintings are a blend of minimal and abstract art illustrating idiosyncratic brilliance and utmost consistency, making the masterpieces a great representation of the artist’s contemporary approach towards art.

Final Thoughts…

Contemporary art have gone a long way of giving the populace the awareness of societal collective issues. It gives everybody an unambiguous opportunity to express their views and opinions by the use of art.

Truly, the artists featured here before you guys perfectly mirrored the unheard voices of the society on the endless chaos that the world has been experiencing over the years.

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