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Book Review – Dead Scared by S.J. Bolton

Review:  When a rash of suicides tears through Cambridge University, DI Mark Joesbury recruits DC Lacey Flint to go undercover as a student to investigate. Although each students death appears to be a suicide, the psychological histories, social networks, and online activities of the students involved share remarkable similarities, and the London police are not convinced that the victims acted alone. They believe that someone might be preying on lonely and insecure students and either encouraging them to take their own lives or actually luring them to their deaths.

As long as Lacey can play the role of a vulnerable young woman, she may be able to stop these deaths, but is it just a role for her? With her fragile past, is she drawing out the killers, or is she herself being drawn into a deadly game where shes a perfect victim?

First Line:  When a large object falls from a great height, the speed at which it travels accelerates until the upward force of air resistance becomes equal to the downward propulsion of gravity.

Random Quote:  An hour later I knew I’d never get used to it.  I was trapped in a bubble of noise, of confident voices and the incessant chink of silverware.  Surrounding me were pale faces above black robes; candles and floral arrangements, crystal goblets like raindrops along the starched linen, and all in a centuries-old dining hall in which Wordsworth and Wilberforce weren’t characters from history but alumni.

Review.  I love S.J. Bolton’s books – she has a way hitting all the right notes.  Dead Scared is a follow-up to her standout book from last year (Now You See Me) that I believe was on my favorites list.  Lacey, the small damaged cop with lots of things to hide is a memorable and likable character, and I was excited to see her make a reappearance.
All over Cambridge, students are killing themselves in odd and unusual ways – most of them students with problems, but not so severe that you’d think they’d kill themselves.  In all cases their problems intensify and their suicides are almost inevitable, but off somehow.  Lacey goes undercover in Cambridge to find out what’s going on and gets herself in further than was planned.
This was a great thriller with plenty of action, psychological tension, and a ripping good story with plenty of scares to keep you going.  Another book I just couldn’t stand to put down.  Highly recommended.
FTC Disclosure:  Advance review copy from publisher via NetGalley
Publishing Information:  St. Martin’s Press – June 5, 2012
Format:  Kindle
Reading Challenges:  Mystery and Suspense Reading Challenge
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