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Book Review – Christmas in Absaroka County by Craig Johnson

Synopsis:  Its holiday season in Absaroka County and Sheriff Walt Longmire gets personal in this delightful collection of four short stories from New York Timesbestselling author Craig Johnson.

Readers glimpse a softer side of Sheriff Walt Longmire as he grapples with the death of his wife, Martha, and his sometimes turbulent but ever-loving relationship with his daughter, Cady. In these four storiesMinisterial Aid, Slick-Tongued Devil, Toys for Tots, and Unbalanced (three of which have been sent to Johnsons fans over the years in the authors Post-it e-mails)Walt is alternately at his best and his worst. He helps a somewhat delusional elderly victim of domestic abuse while sporting a bathrobe and a mean hangover on New Years Day. Hes sidelined by grief when his wifes obituary reappears in the paper and theres an unexpected knock on his door two days before Christmas. He strives to help even those who dont want it when he picks up a young female hitchhiker, and hes forced into some last-minute Christmas shopping by the Greatest Legal Mind of Our Time, during which he might just end up saving a young Navy chaplains Christmas.

First Line:  “Bob Barnes says they got a dead body out on BLM land.  He’s on line one.”

Random Quote:  I thought about how the Army and Marines had lost a hundred chaplains during WWII – the third highest mortality rate behind the infantry and Army Air Corps – and how, on the USAT Dorchester in 1943, four chaplains had given their life jackets and lives for others.

Review:  Reluctant as I am to review holiday books, I was very pleased to read this wonderful collection of short stories by Craig Johnson that add to the adventures of Walt Longmire.  I really like all of Mr. Johnson’s books – he’s smart and funny and observant and his crime novels are a cut above.

Big Horns, Absaroka County, Wyoming (image source)

For those familiar with the Walt Longmire series, Christmas in Absaroka County will please you and make you smile and deepen your knowledge of Walt – a loveable and complex hero.  If you’ve never read the Longmire books, these are a great introduction.  All four stories revolve around the holidays, but none are cheap, sentimental, or predictable.  For better or worse, Walt is a man with great stories to tell and these join those ranks.  Great for a quick read during a break from the stress of the holidays, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

FTC Disclosure:  Copy of book from publisher via NetGalley
Publishing Information:  Penguin Books – December 4, 2012
Format:  Kindle
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