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6 Best Bedtime Story Books

When I was a kid and when we were still living at our old home, every night, I was struggling to go to sleep because I have night terrors almost every night. What I do to make sure that I don’t experience the terrors is that I tire myself until I feel asleep without me knowing. My parents never knew about this even up until now and I guess even if they did, they may not have any solution to my problem. Unfortunately, my parents are too tired after work that they can no longer find time to put me and my younger brother to sleep.

As I get older and learned a lot of things, I realized that reading bedtime stories could have helped me through each of my scary nights. Again, since my parents are dead tired when they come home from work, this necessary activity could have still been neglected. Now, being a new parent to my baby daughter, I already made a promise to myself that I would not let my daughter suffer the same tiresome nights I had when I was a kid. Even if she do not have night terrors, I will still do my best to read her a bedtime story and always tuck her to sleep every night.

Because of this personal mission, I decided to research which bedtime stories are highly recommended by thoughtful parents around the world. There are a lot of bedtime stories out there, heck, you can even make up your own every time. However, I have this feeling that there might have been a group of brilliant people out there that already tried to do experiments with bedtime stories and already identified the best ones that are scientifically effective in making children sleep with the best of dreams.

Guess what? I was right about my hunch. There are indeed bedtime stories that tops others. These stories are recommended in different scenarios and are sure fire hit for kids and parents as well. Want to know more? Check out the list below.

Bear Snores On

Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman’s Bear Snore On tops the list of the must have bedtime story book for children. The said fictional book has received great reviews, garnered copious awards and has been recognized as the bestseller piece in the children’s representation book category by New York Time’s and Publishers Weekly.

The story is about a sleeping bear that got off from a deep slumber and he found out that a group of animals named Mouse, Mole, Badger, Hare, Wren and Raven gathered to party on his cave to warm themselves from a cold night. The bear then protested for he has missed the mouthwatering feast and the fun.

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon is a 1947-published American children’s illustrative book written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd. The Goodnight Moon is a highly regarded example of a good bedtime story for little kids. The book was included in the National Education Association’s list of “Teachers’ Top 100 Books for Children” and ranked fourth place among the “Top 100 Picture Books” survey made by the School Library Journal.

The book is contained of rhyming approach in text, depicting an anthropomorphic bunny’s bedtime habit of saying “Good Night” to everything around him such as his room, the glowing moon, the jumping cow, dazzling light, kittens, dollhouse, the red balloon, and many more.

Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go To Sleep

Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go To Sleep is an excellent comforting book written by Joyce Dunbar. This book is perfect for kids who are having a hard time hitting the sack. The author made a soothing approach and incorporated the lyrical book with lots of sensitivity.

The story of Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go To Sleep evolves on a little bunny named Willa who is afraid to go to sleep for she might have nightmares and asked her older brother Willoughby for some reassuring and cheering help.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight is a playful bedtime story book written by an internationally acclaimed author, Jane Yolen. The book perfectly set a light bedtime beat. How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight is a spirited tale that portrays a familiar night time scenario by wittily replacing children with dinosaurs.

The book is somehow an enjoyable reference to all antics and usual things that kids do before they go to bed. The book interestingly demonstrates the good and bad behaviors kids usually do when they are about to go to sleep.

How Will I Ever Sleep In This Bed?

How Will I Ever Sleep In This Bed is a comforting bedtime story book written by Della Ross Ferreri and illustrated by Capucine Mazille. This enchantingly comforting book is great for toddlers who are close to making the switch from crib to bed. Mazille’s child friendly illustrations render a young hero and give a distinct character to every smart creature included in the story.

How Will I Ever Sleep In This Bed evolves on a little boy who is justifiably concerned about changing his custom sleeping place—from his tiny crib to a big bed. The kid tried to fill the empty spaces with his toys and stuffed animals but little did he knew that there is no space left for him. The little hero triumphed his fear of the unfamiliar bed and cuddled in for a good night sleep.

Kiss Good Night

The Kiss Good Night is a bedtime story book done by Amy Hest and Anita Jeram. This pleasing and engaging little book is about bedtime routines of a mother and her baby. Definitely, a great book for a kid who has nightmare jitters, Kiss Good Night sets a mood for a sweet and peaceful snooze.

The Kiss Good Night is a story of Mrs. Bear putting her little cub named Sam to sleep. After giving milk, blanket and reading a book, still her little one won’t go to slumber. After all the thinking that Mrs. Bear did, she remembered what was lacking, and it was just her good night kiss.

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