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Armchair BEA – Thanks to the Blogosphere

I signed up too late to do an interview and I don’t want to single out any of the blogs I read because they all bring something unique and wonderful to the table.  You can see them all on my sidebar.  So I thought I’d sent out a great big thank you to everyone in the book blogging world for sharing their love of reading.

This is a great community full of people reading, thinking about what they read, and sharing their reading lives.  At a time when many people would like to argue that no one reads anymore, no one reads “real” books anymore, reading is dying unless it’s on a an e-reader, and on and on and on – this community proves the foolishness of all of that.  Lots us of read lots of things in lots of different ways.  I bet most of us read the back of the cereal box, but just haven’t found a way to work that into a review.  Thanks to the community and keep on reading (like any of us would ever stop).

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